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Mrs. Ruzynski has taught every level from fifth grade through adult education, including ESL and GED Prep. With a bachelor of arts degree in political science and history from Albright College and teaching certification from Rutgers University, NJ, her educational background is diverse and extensive.

After relocating to Minnesota in 2014 , Mrs. Ruzynski took a hiatus from full-time teaching to raise her four children, yet remained active in education through part-time substitute teaching in the South Washington School District in the Twin Cities.

In her fifth-grade classroom, Mrs. Ruzynski strives to empower her students to become advocates for their own learning. She emphasizes understanding the "why" behind concepts and encourages her students to embrace mistakes as valuable learning opportunities. Mrs. Ruzynski believes that much can be learned from failure, and she fosters a supportive environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and exploring new ideas.

Last year, Mrs. Ruzynski’s class paired with Coach LoBosco and the pre-K classes to complete an impactful service learning project.

  • Students collected donations and packaged care kits, delivering them to students at Minnesota North - Itasca Campus.

  • It was a powerful experience that demonstrated for students the profound impact of living like Jesus can have on others' lives. 

Born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in Southern New Jersey while attending parochial schools for 13 years, Mrs. Ruzynski's educational journey has taken her across different states and environments. Her move to Grand Rapids, MN, in 2021 with her husband and children reflects her appreciation for the beauty of northern Minnesota and the opportunity to be part of St. Joseph’s faith community.

Mrs. Ruzynski finds a sense of warmth and community at St. Joseph’s School, where she is excited to contribute to the holistic development of her students and be part of their spiritual journey.

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