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Sacramental Prep for Students

Sacramental Records and Celebration

Baptismal Certificates

A Baptismal Certificate is required for a child not baptized at St. Joseph or St. Augustine Church, as well as a First Communion Certificate for those who celebrated First Communion at another parish.  Please submit this information as soon as possible students in sacramental years cannot receive their next sacraments until St. Joseph parish office can verify their reception of the previous sacrament.  All sacramental records are kept on file in the office of the parish where the sacrament was received, and parishes will mail the certificate(s) to a parent if you call and request one.  Our mailing address is: 315 SW 21st Street Grand Rapids, MN  55744

Celebration of Sacraments

Please remember to keep the Sacrament as the center of your celebration.  As your child receives First Reconciliation and First Communion or Confirmation, remember that receiving the sacraments of the Church is entirely about your child’s growth in faith and the relationship he or she shares with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  Please keep these special days in the life of your son or daughter holy by showing reverence to the Sacrament being received.  If you feel your child is not ready to receive a sacrament, please call us.  Families will receive information on meetings, dress requirements, and other details. Full and active participation is expected for sacramental preparation programs.


Register your Child(ren)

One Registration form per family for all of our religious education programming PreK through Confirmation. Fees are $50 per student or maximum of $80 per family. Scholarships may be available. Once registered, you will receive information from one or both of our program directors dependent upon your child's age. 2024/2025 registration coming soon.

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