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You Make an Impact

Talent Treasure and Time, these are the foundation of stewardship. Stewards recognize that everything is a gift from God, grow in gratitude for those gifts which then allows us to live more generously. All of us are called to be disciples and stewards of Jesus message. How do we become good stewards and follow Jesus in our own parish? By prayerfully considering how to serve with our time, talent and treasure.

  • Time: Thank you to those who give of your time, which is one of our most precious gifts and treasures given to us. Stewards who are mindfully giving of themselves, accountable and committed influence those they encounter daily. There are many opportunities available for parishioners to become involved.

  • Talent: Talents are given to each of us in abundance. God has blessed you with talents to fill a need, inspire those around you and further the mission of the church in various parish ministries. Using our talents to do God’s work can be one of the most personally fulfilling opportunities of our life.

  • Treasure: Be prayerful with your consideration and give from your abundance according to what you’ve been given. Our Parishes and School are financially supported by your gifts and is an opportunity to give thanks to God for His many blessings.

Online Donations – one time donations to automatic recurring gifts for weekly collections, monthly or annually.

Planned Gifts – Consider how you can give of your assets, which could include your retirement plan, IRA, Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Fund Shares. These assets are often given directly to the parish from your financial institution. You can name St. Joseph, St. Augustine, St. Joseph's School or the Endowment in your Will or Estate.

Endowment Fund – St. Joseph is blessed to have a Church and School Endowment Fund. Our School Endowment fund actively subsidizes St. Joseph’s School annually. You are welcome to bless either of our Endowment Funds with gifts of cash or planned gifts at any time. Your investment is a constant resource stream that makes an impact.

Questions about Planned Gifts or the Endowment funds can be directed to: Becky Langenecker, Development Director: 218-999-6458

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