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Mrs. O'Shea is a seasoned educator with a deep commitment to her students' academic and spiritual growth. As the first-grade teacher at St. Joseph's Catholic School, Mrs. O’Shea brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. She holds a bachelor's degree in K-6 education from Walden University in Minneapolis and is currently putting the finishing touches on her master's degree in Elementary Reading and Literature from the same institution.

With over nine years in the field of education, Mrs. O’Shea’s journey has been diverse and enriching. She has served as a substitute teacher in ISD 318, advocated for students in Indian Education programs, worked as a Special Education para, and found her passion as a first-grade teacher at St. Joe’s.

In 2023, Mrs. O’Shea and her family completed the OCIA process through St. Joseph's, a testament to their commitment to the school community and their Catholic faith. Her dedication to embracing cultural diversity and fostering understanding is evident in her classroom activities. Mrs. O’Shea’s first-grade class has partnered with the ISD-318 Indian Education department for events such as sugar bushing, Ojibwe lacrosse, whitefish smoking and sampling, and traditional powwows.

In addition to cultural enrichment, Mrs. O’Shea ensures her students are grounded in their Catholic identity. For the past three years, her class has made their own rosaries, which are then blessed by Father, reinforcing the importance of praying the rosary in their spiritual journey.

Mrs. O’Shea is tirelessly dedicated to her students' holistic development, developing their interest in lifelong learning and cultural understanding.

A proud native of Grand Rapids, Mrs. O’Shea has deep roots in the community, having lived here for most of her life. She graduated from GRHS in 2008 and has since become an integral part of the educational landscape in the area.

With her husband and four children, Mrs. O’Shea enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly on the lake, whether it's summer or winter. Her love for nature and outdoor activities reflects her adventurous spirit and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

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