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Mrs. Adams brings her passion for teaching and nurturing young minds to St. Joseph's Catholic School as our dedicated kindergarten teacher. Joining the school community in 2023, Mrs. Adams has taught kindergarten and first grade primarily in Catholic education settings.

With a heart for Catholic education, Mrs. Adams finds joy in guiding her students through their formative years, instilling not only academic knowledge but also spiritual values. In her fourth year teaching Kindergarten in Catholic schools, Mrs. Adams has enriched her students' learning experiences with a variety of hands-on activities and meaningful projects. Throughout the year, Mrs. Adam’s class has engaged in special activities to deepen their faith and understanding. For example:

  • The class crafted decades of the rosary and learned the rosary prayers alongside the Divine Mercy chaplet. 

  • Students had the unique opportunity to make butter from scratch and explore the world of bees and wool spinning with special guests.

  • They celebrated feast days through art projects, such as creating art for the Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Sacred Heart of Jesus), crafting origami roses for Our Lady of Guadalupe, and commemorating The Baptism of Jesus.

Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Adam’s enjoys spending quality time with her husband, whether it's relaxing on the lake, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, tending to her garden, or engaging in friendly competition with board games. Her passion for teaching and her commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment is beautifully reflected in her young learners. 

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