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Mrs. Howard brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for education to her role as the second-grade teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic School. With a master’s degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism with a minor in Spanish, her educational background is as diverse as her teaching career.

Before joining St. Joe’s in 2022, Mrs. Howard taught grades K-4 in various Catholic and public schools across different states. Her teaching journey began at a Catholic school in Faribault. She also taught at King School in Deer River and Vandyke Elementary in Coleraine. Mrs. Howard lived and taught in Florida for three years as well.

In her classroom, Mrs. Howard fosters a dynamic learning environment where students work in ability-based groups with guided teacher instruction. This approach ensures that she meets each student at their academic level and supports them in making meaningful progress.

Second grade holds special significance in Mrs. Howard's curriculum, as it marks the year of preparation for the Catholic Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. She finds great joy in guiding her students through this important spiritual journey.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Howard’s passions include horse racing, a career path she explored before transitioning to education. Though her focus has shifted, her love for the sport remains strong. Mrs. Howard and her husband are proud parents to two daughters, Hadley and Ainsley. They returned to Molly's hometown to raise their family, providing her daughters with the same sense of community and belonging that she experienced growing up in Grand Rapids.

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