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"It is JESUS that you seek when you dream of happiness. He is waiting for you when nothing else satisfies you."

- Inspired by -
Pope Saint John Paul II

Weekend Liturgies:
Saturday 4:00PM - St. Joseph
Sunday 8:30AM - St. Augustine
Sunday 10:30AM - St. Joseph


Weekday Liturgies:

Monday 9:00AM - St. Joseph

Tuesday 8:30AM - St. Augustine
Wednesday 5:30PM - St. Joseph

Thursday 9:00AM - St. Joseph
Friday 7:30AM - St. Joseph

Image Pastoral Letter.png

On Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2022, Bishop Daniel J. Felton promulgated a Pastoral Letter on Healing, Hope and Joy in Jesus, as the fruit of a series of 50 listening sessions held in the Diocese of Duluth.

It is available in both written and audio formats:

Letter image.png
pastoralletterBishop Daniel Felton
00:00 / 46:50



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