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Thank you to the many individuals and families who have completed this form. We launched a request for updated parishioner information in January 2024 and are pleased with the response from our members. Now that many of our summer parishioners have returned, we are sending out this request again to capture those households.

Additionally, if you did not fill out the form during January or February, we request that you complete it at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your participation.

The Parish Office is requesting a full update of our parishioner information for both St. Augustine and St. Joseph.

Our database helps us stay in communication with you as a member of either St. Augustine Catholic Church or St. Joseph Catholic Church. In order to maintain accurate information, a full update is needed on occasion for all parish members. Please complete the form for your household, even if you think your information with us is correct.

Share this information with those who are homebound and other family members.

Printed copies are available in the gathering space.

Or printable copy here.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact

Sue Schuler at the Parish Office: 218-999-6463

Parishioner Information Update Form:


If you are interested in volunteer ministry, please visit our Volunteer Ministry page

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