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All women of St. Augustine Catholic Church are a part of St. Augustine Council of Catholic Women.   

Be a part of the enjoyment and camaraderie of sharing God's mercy and love by helping others in the community and on a national level.

Who Can Join? - Any adult woman with an appreciation for the invitation by Pope John Paul II for all women to "move from words to deeds" as a means to fulfill the special call and mission of women - "to bring the life of Christ to our daily lives".

Why Join? - Becoming a CCW member is a great way to make new friends while making a difference in the parish and community. You will grow in your spiritual life and experience the satisfaction of following Jesus while carrying out the Corporal Works of Mercy.

Time involved? - The parish work of CCW is divided so that everyone is able to participate in an activity they enjoy.  There are many service opportunities on Deanery and Diocesan committees for those women who are called to contribute on a higher level.  You choose to be as involved as your schedule and interest permits.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with CCW, please reach out to Lisa Neururer—218-326-3759  or Leona Barten—218-328-5520

St. Augustine CCW is part of the Duluth Diocesan Council of Catholic Women: and National Council of Catholic Women;

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